Day 2

So do I have any goals with this healthier way of eating? I certainly don’t need to lose weight – I did  that last year on the “water and lettuce” diet (just kidding but it was very restrictive.) I shall digress for a moment as the reason for going on that diet was due to the fact I was attempting to reduce the fungal overgrowth in my system which I have had since I was a child. I have always had mouth ulcers, ringworm as a child, tinea, bloating, digestive issues, white coating on tongue etc etc. Probably one of the worst symptoms was the greasy smelly oil that came out of my chest, back and head. Within hours of showering I could smell it on me (and I’m sure everyone within a close vicinity could too.) It gets into your clothes and bed linen, towels and doesn’t wash out very easily. I have attempted several times previously to get it under control but it’s very difficult and so it was very short lived.

So I think at present it isn’t too bad and as these chocolates have a probiotic along with the high level of antioxidant I’m fairly positive that the chocolate will maintain a healthy balance.

Sleep last night wasn’t forthcoming. I tossed and turned for ages and woke a few times. But that’s ok it’s early days and I may not see results for a month or so.

In the  meantime I’ll keep chowing down on the liquid brown.


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